Fishing & Hunting

You might imagine Arctic Char when you think of fishing in the Western Arctic. But in fact, anglers have a wide selection of fish here. From the mountain streams and rivers that feed the Mackenzie Delta, to the delta itself, to the Arctic coast and islands, there's a range of fish habitat. There is excellent fishing in the streams and lakes along the Dempster Highway, too, and many of these locations are marked for visitors. Anglers can travel with a guide from Inuvik, Aklavik, Tuktoyaktuk, Ulukhaktok, or one of the smaller communities, to fish for saltwater or freshwater species.

Freshwater fish of the Western Arctic include northern pike, Arctic Grayling, Lake Trout, Dolly Varden, and Inconnu, a member of the whitefish family. Whitefish are are a challenge for fly fishers, and excellent eating right from the river. Burbot, or loche, are a popular catch in autumn and through the winter. On the coast, by all means go for Arctic Char.

For the hunting experience of a lifetime, Inuvialuit guides offer spring hunts for polar bear, grizzly bear, muskox, wolf and wolverine. Hunting opportunities are based in two Western Arctic communities: Tuktoyaktuk and Ulukhahtok. For information, contact the operators listed here.




Western Arctic Hunting Big game hunting along the Beaufort Sea for polar bear December - May and muskox March - April. Dogteam tours, view the Aurora from a dogsled or snowmobile, and camp in an igloo or cabin. Call for... Read more
Western Arctic Hunting Big game hunts since 1999. Polar bear, muskox, wolves and caribou. Hunts between 5 and 14 days. Please call for details.
Ice Fishing Ice fishing day trips can be arranged upon request.