Shoppers have a wide range of arts, crafts and souvenirs to choose from in the Western Arctic. Some of the Canadian Arctic's most renowned sculptors make their homes here, and a soapstone work of art could set you back several thousand dollars. On the other hand, there is a range of carved wildlife to tempt almost any budget - from seals and birds to magnificent bears. Media include stone, bone, antler and muskox horn. 

These items and unique crafts - including jewellery, as well as clothing including kamiks and mukluks, mitts and hats, fashioned of furs, hides and wool, are uniquely attractive. The Western Arctic is the home of the muskox and its silky under layer of fur called qiviut is one of the warmest fibres in the world. Gloves, skarves and hats made from qiviut are available in Inuvik.


Shopping Stationary, office supplies, souvenir items, gifts, and more.
Shopping Specializing in arts and crafts by Inuvialuit artists, also products made from qivuit, the extra warm, light weight wool of the muskox. Our office is located on the 3rd floor of the Inuvialuit... Read more
Shopping Northern and local arts and crafts, carvings, clothing, gifts and diamonds. Open year-round. Closed Sundays.
Shopping Specializing in arts and crafts by local Inuvialuit artists. Our office is located on the main floor of the Inuvialuit Corporate Centre. Please stop by or shop online.
Shopping Providing a great selection of traditional Gwich’in arts and crafts.
Shopping The Fort McPherson Tent and Canvas Shop started as a government project in 1970 and continued in that manner until 1990. Today the Canvas Shop, as it came to be known across the North, is a... Read more
Shopping Products include: Muskox horn carvings, Qiviut headbands and toques, Traditional packing dolls, Inuit prints and much more!